Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally Home

The hospital released Nicole and Samantha today at about 11:15 am. I went to school and work and then came home. Our little girl is so adorable! She has a time for about an hour a day when she is wide awake and looking around at everything. It is really cute :) Nicole is really sore, but on the mend and doing well. She is going to be a terrific mom! I love watching her take care of Samantha.



Ang said...

She is super cute!! You'll get a break for a few days while she recovers from birth, then she'll be more alert. We can't wait to see her on Saturday/Sunday!

Katrina said...

yay for being home! Thanks for posting! She is so adorable! :) Glad things are going so well!

Scott & Melinda said...

Hey Nicole! I stumbled across your blog and I'm so happy! Congratulations! What a little sweet girl you have, that's so exciting. You are going to be a great mom, I hope everything is going well and congrats again!