Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I guess it's my turn to write something on here. Well, Nicole is 8 months pregnant now and is really getting big, even though most people tell her she looks small for how far along she is. We only have a few things left to get now, we are really excited to have little Samantha join our family!

I just saw a little bit of the news and they were talking about prop 8 in CA. There a re a lot of members who are speaking down about how the LDS church is getting involved with it. I for one think it is the correct thing to do. I want my children to grow up in a society where a family means something. The question I have for theses people is: Do you support the prophet as God's chosen leader for the Church? If so do you realize that it isn't "the church" as an organization that is getting involved, it is God who is taking a stand on the issue? Well, we will see what happens, Nicole and I are going to a meeting tonight where Elder Ballard is going to speak about what the Church needs us to do.

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