Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little less political :)

Well since you go to our blog right now and all you can see is stuff about Prop 8, I thought I'd make a post so it's a little more "bloggy". But first I better put in a couple words about the whole thing. Since Jacob is from California we went to a fireside for CA residents living in Utah yesterday evening. It was done by Elder Ballard, Elder Cook, and Elder Clayton (<-- of the presidency of the 70) it was very interesting!! Elder Ballard explained some of the consequences of what could happen if it doesn't go through. There were a whole bunch, but the ones that stick out to me are that the sex ed that kids receive in school will also include how it works between gays, and that it will make it hard to practice our religion, since our religion doesn't believe in gay relationships, oh and that members will be taxed more since we are "discriminating." they also pointed out that in MA (the only State that currently recognizes gay marriage) the Catholic church was criticized because their adoption program didn't extend to gays, so rather than change their moral ideals, they discontinued their adoption agency in MA (isn't that sad?). Anyway there were many more things that could happen if it doesn't go through, but I can't remember them all right now. Elder Cook started talking about how us young people have so much access to get the word out massively through the internet and texting and asked us all to "go viral" (haha is that a real "slang" type word or did he make it up?? I don't know!) so that is what we are doing!

Well, enough of that already, updates on Jacob and I's incredibly fascinating life of work school and baby growing... Things are going well, we are getting so excited!! Tomorrow there will only be one month left and we can't wait!! I'm especially excited to get the violent little beast out! haha! She's bruised me many times and is just very aggressive.. I hope she isn't like this when she comes out! Also, for about the last 5 days or so I have been suffering from some very intense itching!!! I want to scream sometimes!! It feels like my entire body is covered in fresh mosquito bites that never dull in itch! Especially my hands and feet! I called the doctor since I don't have my next appointment until Tuesday, and the nurse was very unsympathetic and told me it was most likely hormones and to wait and I could discuss it with my doc at my next apoointment (I highly doubt she has ever experienced this itching!!). My mom was much more helpful. When I talked to her about it she suggested an aveeno oatmeal bath. They are kind of expensive to take, but man, its worth being able to sleep at night!! It kind of dulls the itch, so I have been taking them at night and it allows me to sleep, which is sooooooo nice! (Before I tried the oatmeal I had only slept 3 hours! Ugh!) since it's so expensive I'm thinking about trying to ground up my own oatmeal into powder, and I'll see if it works as well. If anyone else has any suggestions, I'm open to try almost anything! That's all that is really new. Oh, our cat Jasper has a new favorite game: fetch! Ha, it cracks me up, he is such a hilarious cat!

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Ang said...

Actually, the same thing happened to me!! LOL, we must be sisters. I found that Aveeno makes a body wash-- It's got a blue lid and says "mostiurizes to relieve dry, itchy skin" Take a nice hot warm shower, lather up a couple of times and then layer on some good (fragrance free) lotion. Mine felt much better.