Monday, October 20, 2008

quick update on the happenings!

Okay so I went to the doctor today, planning on scheduling the induction, and you know talking to them about things, like what I should plan for, and a pediatrician for Samantha and some other things. Well, first things first, high blood pressure and protein in the pee! (I don't have a clue what that means but supposedly its bad?? I think it means I have toxemia from what I gathered.) Right. so then she takes me in and we talk about when I should get induced and she goes to talk to a doctor (I went to a nurse practitioner today) and I have to get an amniocentesis (aka, massively huge needle of doom jabbed into my stomach!!!!) in about 35 minutes. Joy. And depending on lung development they might want me to have her TODAY.. what the... so weird. I told her no though, and she said I could probably wait a few days, haha. But now that i am feeling a little more rational I realized I need to do what's best for my little girl! Anyway... the lungs might be far far far away from being fully developed in which case it could be another couple of weeks! Which I would be fine with. So thats the update... I'll write back when I know more.

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