Monday, October 13, 2008

Sometimes life is hard... But some days make up for it!!

I am verrrrrrry happy and pleased to announce that last night for the first time in about a month and half... I slept through the night!!! What a wonderful feeling! I only woke up twice, once for just a few seconds because Jasper was sleeping at my feet and i kicked him and another time for a coupe of minutes because I got a little cold and wanted to use our comforter ( I usually just sleep with the sheet and Jacob has a couple of blankets piled on because I get so hot since I'm pregnant and we keep the room cold). Generally my nights consist of me being awake til about 12 or 1 and waking up around 5 or 5:30, which just gets aggravating after awhile! I usually lay there trying not to fidget too much so as not to wake up Jacob, and just wait and wait for his alarm to go off. I usually take a nap in the mornings while Jacob is at work for anywhere from 1- 2 1/2 hours, trying to get enough sleep to get me through the day. Another bit of good news: My itching has decreased! It is now at a bearable level, I no longer feel like screaming!! (knock on wood!) I just hope it stays like this- or heck, lessens even more or just goes away! haha :) So I am unbelievably happy this morning, it's amazing what getting enough sleep does for ya!
Oh and guess what happened yesterday with our adorable little feline? He ate grass. Dang cat. We live on a busy road, so he is an indoor cat, but he LOOOVES to go outside (if I wasn't so selfish I'd give him back to my parents so he could live a happy outdoor life, but I love having him around too much!) We bought him a harness at wal-mart a few weeks ago and attached it to this really long rope, and sometimes we hook him up and let him go outside and play for awhile. So yesterday after church I let him out and about an hour later went back and got him. Jacob left to go home teaching. I went into the bathroom and there on the rug... throw up! Grateful that it was just on the rug that needed to be washed anyway, I picked it up and put it in the washer. In the laundry room I discovered some more barf. Starting to panic and hoping Jacob would get home soon, I walked through our apartment to make sure there wasn't anymore. Thank goodness there wasn't. I sat down on the bed, and in walks Jasper. He looks up at me for a minute, then his stomach starts contracting really hard and he ran into the corner and started throwing up. Yay. Anyone who is pregnant knows that everything is magnified. Everything smells worse, looks worse and makes you feel worse (especially nauseating things) Trying not to look and trying to keep my own food down, I just kind of sat there- and then to my great relief heard the front door open! My hero was home!! I told him what had happened and we put Jasper in the laundry room and took away his food and water. And know what my dear husband did? He cleaned up all of the piles of puke! What a sweetheart! I didn't really even have to ask, he knows stuff makes me super sick, and I think he could see it on my face. He didn't complain or anything, just grabbed a rag and went at it and got done in time to leave 15 minutes later to go home teaching again. I love him so much! Man, I'm lucky to have such a wonderful guy! And I'm happy to report Jasper recovered just fine after a few hours and is very healthy and happy.
OH and today marks 4 weeks left of my pregnancy! 4 weeks! 28 days! That's 3 days less than a month! We are soo excited to meet baby Samantha! And I was looking at the little countdown thing at the top of our page, and she is already bigger than Landen (my sister's baby) when he was born!! I think they are going to only look like they're a month apart instead of 3.

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Ang said...

You do realize that your baby can come at any time and she actually might be late. I'm glad your itching has gone down and I'm sorry about your cat. Sponge and the kittens are at our house now. They have started to venture around the barn and Sponge has been exploring all over. She brought them a mouse and left it out for us to see and the kittens to play with. Be glad it wasn't a dead mouse.