Sunday, November 23, 2008

Money CAN buy happiness!!

Here it is! The happiness that is definitely costly! Sammy is happy, which means mommy is happy, which means daddy is happy! We found the cure for Samantha's fussiness. We got some of this in the mail for free and decided to try it and see if it made any difference (it's for babies that are fussy because of painful gas or colicky or whatever) and it did!! It has been sooo nice to have our happy playful baby back! She is such a sweetheart and we love her so much!



This is one of Samantha's outfits that sort of fits her. Jacob and I went to a hockey game in Salt Lake on Friday night and dressed her up nice and warm for it. I love this outfit, I think it is so adorable! (Thanks Helen from Ridgecrest!)


brianamw said...

That little red outfit is so cute! I'm glad you had fun at your hockey game. I'll see you sometime this week

Amanda said...

Cuteness! I love the outfit but mostly Sammy is cute all by herself :D