Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2 month checkup!

Well, our little baby turns 2 months on Saturday, but with the blessing and the holidays we took her in today for her checkup. She is 10 pounds 4 ounces and 22 1/4 (man, I came out of the womb longer than she is now!!) inches long. She is in the 39th percentile for weight and the 47th percentile for height. So she's definitely gotten chubbier, but relatively speaking, she isn't as chubby as some :) Doctors say she looks great! She definitely hated getting her shots and was screaming so hard she could hardly breathe, haha! I had my first ingrown toenail (gross, I know!) and had to get it removed today. Ouch. No, big time ouch. Jacob got back a large sum for his textbooks so now we aren't going to be completely and utterly broke after Christmas (yay!), so that's good.
Happy happy news-- my really good friend from forever (since junior high) is in the hospital pushing out her baby!!! Yay!!! Haha, when she texted me this evening, I was surprised by how thouroughly happy I am for her! I seriously can hardly contain myself! I think it's because I went through it so recently and it is SUCH a neat neat experience, I am so excited for her! I can just remember all of the feelings and emotions I had when little Samantha came out... amazing. There is nothing like it. Anyway so happy day and Congratulations, Sara and Jason!!!!
And I am soooooo excited for tomorrow when the Winegardners get here (for the blessing), I'm excited because only Mom and Dad and Briana have seen her, so the rest of the fam gets to now! And she is the first grandchild/ niece or nephew on that side, so that makes it even more exciting. It will be fun to see everyone gush over her, haha!
Oh, and because of some complications that came up (random spontaneous stake sacrament meeting this week) we have to bless her at our home. So that will be at 3 for those of you who read this and are coming :) Interesting. I've never been to a baby blessing at a house before, but apparently it's just fine.
AND--- I got my haircut!! Talk about long overdue... sheesh. So I'm excited to have back my short hair that I love so much more than long! I have the best haircutter.. she is great! (Plus, the $11 price doesn't hurt!)
Well, in case I don't make another post before Christmas, Merry Christmas and everyone travel safely!!!

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brianamw said...

Ohhhh, poor Sammie. It's so sad when little babies cry so hard that they can't breathe. I'm excited for tomorrow too!! Work for 3 hours and then I'll get to see you guys :)