Monday, December 8, 2008

It's been awhile..

So it's been awhile since I last posted. Oops. I was waiting on pictures from Thanksgiving, and I still don't have them, so maybe I'll add a few from then some other time. Thanksgiving was so much fun, we went to my grandma's house in Preston. My family was there and so was my sister and her family. Thanksgiving was, of course, delicious. We also went to Best Buy to pick up a few things on Black Friday at 5 in the morning.

I don't have very much to write about, not a whole lot of excitement in our lives. Sammie is so much more aware of things now, she gets excited when it's time to eat, and she has also been grinning at us a lot more.

So, in our apartment we have a fireplace- our landlords told us not to use it, but Jacob decided he wanted to get it to work... so he climbed up on the roof and got it so that the smoke would go outside (rather than in the house where it was going). So we had a fire going for a little while and it wasn't getting any warmer so we decided to let it die down. It started smoking more, and smoke started pouring into our living room. We ended up opening the window and door and turning on our fan to let it air out. Then this morning when I was doing my workout my lungs started burning really badly and it still stunk of smoke so I decided it needed more airing out. Soo Sammie and I spent the day in our bedroom where we kept it nice and warm and out in the kitchen/ living room we had the window open with the fan in it all day long and it was FREEZING. So thats been our excitement.

I'm getting so excited for Christmas (especially now that it's finally snowed!!) and Samantha's blessing. We are blessing her on the 21, and Jacob's family is going to come the Thursday before and stay until Monday (when my family is coming is still undecided) and then we are leaving the following evening to go to my parents house for Christmas! Yay! Hopefully there is enough snow to go snowboarding, because we really want to go a couple of times while we are there!

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Ang said...

It had been awhile. Sorry about the smoke problem... Oh well, It's bad for the environment. (wood burning stoves are banned in Logan on red burn days unless there is no other source of heat in the house) We think we're just making a day trip. Hope all is well!