Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Christmas Adventures

We decided we love going to Rexburg to visit my family because it is so much fun and there is always soooo much to do! It's great! We didn't watch TV, any movies or anything else of that nature. (Okay, on Sat. night Jacob and Mat watched the new Warren Miller movie (Playground) we got Mat for Christmas, but that's hardly a movie!) We arrived kind of late on Tuesday night, and basically chit chatted for a few minutes and went to bed. On Wednesday, Christmas Eve we had a bunch of fun! Jacob and Mat disappeared for a few hours and rode the 4-wheelers. Mat got stuck a few times (there is was so much snow there!) and Jacob tipped his!! Anyone who has seen our beastly 4-wheelers knows this isn't an easy task. Luckily neither him nor the ATV was hurt. Jerry, Aley, and Julie all came over on Chirstmas Eve and participated in our little Christmas program with us and that was a bunch of fun. Christmas morning was typical.. open presents, eat breakfast... And we got to talk to Ty on the phone!!!!! The 40 minutes went by way too fast, and I can't wait until Mother's Day to talk to him again.

Little Sammie asleep Christmas morning on the chair surrounded by presents.

Then we played Life that Ang and Michael got for Christmas from his parents. Then Jerry Aley and Julie came over again and we decided to go sledding.
Anyone who was around Rexburg on Christmas day can probably remember the snow storm that was going on allll day long. Ha, mother nature couldn't daunt us. We set off on the unplowed roads for the dunes -obviously the best place to sled- Michael, Ang, Jerry, Aley, Julie and sleds were all in the tahoe and me, Jacob and Mat were all in the civic, which is actually a pretty decent car in the snow because of the snow tires. Grandma and Grandpa stayed home to babysit. About halfway to the dunes, the snow got so deep that the civic started acting as snow-plow and we had a constant stream of snow flying up into the windshield. Then finally and inevitably we got stuck. The civic was unable to keep plowing and high centered. Jerry and Michael ran back to us from the tahoe and got us unstuck and pushed us to the side of the road and we crammed into the tahoe and were on our way again! Right before reaching the place we like to sled it became impossible to see where the edge of the road was so we got out and treked the rest of the way. We stayed there for an hour or 2 and sledded and had an all-out snow ball war, very fun!

This is Angela and Michael sledding.

When we got back to pick up the Civic, it took us a few times to realize that every time we stopped to get the boys back in the car we got stuck again. Soo.. I leaned over and pushed the gas pedal with my hand and Mat, Jacob and Jerry all pushed the car until it was going nicely again, then Jerry ran back to the tahoe and Mat and Jacob hurry and jumped in the civic while it was still in motion! We went back to my parents house and enjoyed our Christmas dinner then lounged around and played Catch Phrase... oh my gosh did we have fun playing that game!! WE played for hours and it was funny because it was getting so late but none of us wanted to stop! very fun group to play with. Jerry and my dad were soooo into it. Finally the boys took off downstairs and us girls stayed up and talked for forever.
Friday was again, a bunch of fun. The boys went shooting for awhile and us girls just took care of the babies and hung out. They got back and announced they were going to Dubois to visit Larsen Farms (some huge and famous farm???? Mike loves farms) so we sent Sammie with them so she could get some sleep and we took Landen with us and went out to lunch to celebrate my mom's birthday and then went shopping so I could spend my shopping money I got for Christmas. That evening I went to my annual girls Christmas party that my friends and I from high school have been doing every year since we were 15 or so. It was great to see everyone and catch up! About 1/2 to 2/3 or so of us are married now and Sara and I both have babies... it's so weird, we're getting old. The family played The Family Farm Game while I was gone, which was another game the Busselbergs got for Christmas and Mat won that one. On Saturday Mat, my dad, and Jacob and I all got up early and went skiing and snowboarding all day. Soooooooo fun! Jacob did really good this time, I was so proud of him!
It snowed allll day long while we were there!

Jacob and I on the lift

Me, coming down

Jacob doing soooo good!



Afterwards in the car waiting for my dad and Mat to come back

We got home around 5 to celebrate my mom's birthday with my grandma and Floyd, who came up and brought cake, then I crashed on the couch. Today we packed up, went to sacrament meeting with the family then came home. The roads were awful all through Idaho, but oh well. . All in all it was a great trip, there wasn't time for Jacob to go duck hunting with my dad and Mat like he wanted, but I guess there's always next time and it snowed about a foot and half while we were there!


brianamw said...

Wow. Sounds like your Christmas was tons and tons of fun. Things around here weren't quite as exciting as all the skiing stuff but it has been pretty windy and cold here in Ridgecrest and we've played Killer Bunnies lots! Love you and I can't wait to see you soon.

Katrina said...

Looks like you had a wonderful christmas! And Sammie is getting so big and so so cute! I can't wait to see her again. I love your header (by the way!) :)

And I'm so jealous you went Snowboarding...we really need to get out there this year! It's been so long!

Well, the break is almost over so maybe we'll be back in Provo for longer than a few days and get to see you again soon!! Have a good rest of the break!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a very merry christmas! Plus lots of snow! Your little girl is so cute. She is already starting to change a little bit.