Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fun pictures

Jacob decided to take
a blowdryer to Sam's
hair after her bath on
Sunday, and this was
the result!

Oh and yesterday during tummy time she rolled over for her first time! I think it was more like she lost her balance and rolled, and I doubt it will happen again anytime soon, but it was fun to see her so surprised!


brianamw said...

That is so cute! She "rolled" over and I missed it! I like her hair when it's blow dried. It's so cute. Imagine what her hair will be like when it gets longer. She's gonna be even cuter.

Melinda said...

Thats so stinkin cute! She is dang cute, I can't decide who she looks like. She kinda has your eyes? What do most people say? It's good to see what you are to. It has been forever, every time I think of you I think of our trip to Sun Valley and like 4 girls in one bed. haha that was fun.

Charles and Nancy said...

She is so cute!! She is growing up so fast!

Jacob and Nicole said...

yeah almost everyone says she has my eyes and Jacob's nose. then its a toss up. about half our friends say she looks like me and the other half say him, then with our families it's another story.. haha good times at sun valley, I always remember that and also how you broke your wrist and ash and i just chilled with you instead of boarding, haha!

Gary and Cortney said...

Nicole! She is so dang cute! Cute little family!

Sharon said...

Fun times. You should have stopped at our house on your way to Salt Lake.