Sunday, January 11, 2009

It's a good life!

So life is going pretty good right now, and I owe gratitude to other people for it all. First, I'd like to thank Gary Ezzo- author of On Becoming Babywise
What a great book! We had some friends recommend this book to us when I was about 4 months pregnant, but my sister read it and wasn't quite as impressed so I put off buying it (I don't know why, I bought it on amazon for $.01 + 2.99 shipping). anyway it's worked wonders for us! Samantha is about 2 1/2 months old and has been consistently sleeping through the night for over a week now! We put her to bed about 9 and she wakes up at about 6:30. No, she doesn't sleep til 8, but she's getting there :) Anyone who doesn't want to spend the 3 bucks is welcome to borrow it, it's a fast read.

I also owe thanks to Jillian Michaels (from The Biggest Loser), haha! Soon after I had Sam, I desperately wanted to start working out so I could lose my baby weight and get toned. So, we purchased her 30 day shred video
It was only $9 at Wal-Mart. I think I did lose 20 pounds in 30 days, but that's only because I had baby weight to lose.. I don't think your average person would unless extremely dedicated to this and her diet program that goes with it (that part is in a book, I believe). Anyway it is a GREAT workout- She combines differet moves for maximum calories burned and it's only 20 minutes but if you do the exercises right, you'll be dripping sweat by the end (plus there are different levels)! And no, I don't look nearly as good as her, but more importantly I FEEL good and have way more energy! Here, I also owe thanks to my dad who always taught me -sometimes through words but mostly by example- how important regular exercise is. He also taught me to enjoy a good sweat by taking me with him to workout when I was in middle school and jr. high. Thanks to Both of my parents for teaching/showing me about portions and how they are so important in weight maintenance, and also my grandma for teaching about eating healthy. I really hope I can teach my kids about eating healthy and exercise too!

I also need to thank my handsome husband! He is so great and is so understanding of my need to get out of the house after being cooped up in it all day, and who takes me on dates regularly! And who surprised me yesterday with a beautiful rose! :) He is such a sweetheart and always thinks of me before himself. I really don't deserve him, but he picked me so I'll take it!!

This picture was taken a few weeks ago right after Sam's baby blessing.

Most recent pic of Sam- wearing one of her super cute jackets asleep in the car seat

Thanks to Briana for being probably the world's best babysitter and for doing it simply for the cost of us letting her use our washer and dryer. She's so great and doesn't even roll her eyes at me when I'm a paranoid mom and I tell her how to take care of Samantha, even though we both know she already knows how :)

Also thanks to my ward! What a wonderful ward! I love the bishopric and all the women in R.S. Thanks to everyone for being so nice to me!
Also I am very grateful for Angela. What a great sister! She always tells me what I need to hear and has such good advice.

And my inlaws- they are great! Thanks to my mother in law who doesn't simply tolerate me, but really loves me, and my father in law who is so aware of our needs (thanks for the nylons by the way! :))

And of course Ariel for always making me laugh and just being so much fun!

And my little brothers-- Ty for serving a mission and Mat because he's a ton of fun and SUCH a good uncle.

My friends-Mary in particular right now! She always listens to me vent and complain and is sooooooo much fun to hang out with!

And of course I need to thank my Heavenly Father. I am so so blessed! I have a healthy, happy family. I'm married to a man who honors his priesthood and treats his wife and daughter right. Jacob has a GREAT job for not having his degree yet, and I'm so blessed that I get to stay at home with our daughter! And so blessed to have the gospel in my life and a temple sooo close! There are about a billion more things He has blessed me with, but we'll leave it at this for now.

And thanks to those who read my blog.. I know I'm not the most interesting writer, but you read anyway :)


Ang said...

Hehehe! I made the thank-yous! You're pretty great too! Thanks for listening me babble and tell you what to do. I guess I am the big sister.

SAHARA said...

Im already finding myself looking up your suggestions on amazon. believe me I need both. haha