Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4 months!

Sammie had her 4 month appointment and here are her stats-- 13 lb. 5 oz 40th percentile, 24 1/2 inches 56th percentile, and a big ol' Williams noggin in the 75th percentile. And the doc says she's in perfect health :)


brianamw said...

Yay for healthy babies!

Amanda said...

Nicole! I haven't seen you I believe since You, Mary, and I went swimming at Mary's pool sometime during the early summer...thats far too long. When can I come see you and your cute baby?

Amanda said...

The funny part about the "Mrs. Nielsen" thing is that it was a guy that was saying it...Anyway, thanks for your number I actually have your number in my phone but I wasn't sure if it was still up to date. I am free after 5pm on weekdays and weekends are usually open for us. What are your schedules like? A double date would be way fun.