Saturday, February 28, 2009

last weekend

So last weekend we went to Idaho to visit my family and go snowboarding! Sooo fun! Jacob got off work at 1 on Friday so we could leave. Friday we just hung out and talked to my family then Saturday we woke up to a beautiful sunrise coming up right behinf the Tetons!! The picture above is the view from the window in my parents living room. Then we went snowboarding and it was a ton of fun. It was only Jacob's 3rd time and yet he did sooooo soo good! The snow was really fast snow.. Crisp and freshly groomed! The air was clear and it was beautiful! You can't tell from the pictures but the snow was all sparkly and pretty. And also at the end is just a random picture of Sammie while we were there. (because a post just isn't complete unless I mention her :)) Grandma got to babysit while we went snowboarding and had a ton of fun with her. After we were done snowboarding we all met up at Big Jud's since Jacob has never been there.. and it's a pretty sweet place (Heidi if you are reading this you may want to stop now) they have burgers the size of dinner plates!!! No joke. One pound patties and fully loaded with all of the good stuff! We of course, all shared one haha!

We forgot to take a picture while we were there, so I just got this one online, but this is what the Big Jud burger looks like!


Rebecca & Jeff said...

Sounds like a super fun weekend! I love that you went to Big Judds! And I love even more that you SHARED a 1 lb burger. Here is where you learn a little something about me . . . I can eat and I LOVE to eat. I definitely ate an ENTIRE Big Judds Burger on my own. They took my picture for the wall and everything! Gross huh! HAHA! Glad you had a good time!

Sharon said...

Looks like fun. Except for the burger.