Friday, February 20, 2009

a quickie!

This post is gonna be short but sweet.. last Sunday it was a beautiful day and I was dying to go for a nice long walk so we strapped Samantha into her Snugli and were off! About halfway back, she fell asleep, and just looked sooo funny!! She's just snoozin away with the drool drippin down!!

Also we let her get in her entertainment center for the first time (her gift from grandma and grandpa Winegardner for Christmas) and she loved it! She is still a little wobbly so we had to stuff towels in it so she didn't fall back and bonk her head. :)

Well in about an hour I'm leaving to go pick Jacob up at work and we are off to Idaho! To go snowboarding, see my family and the little Daisy-Dukes!!! (they have 2 boston terriers Daisy and Duke, and they had puppies together..haha)


Katrina said...

Have fun in Idaho! I remember those days where we'd strap Kamryn into the front carrier so we could do cleaning checks or pass around flyers! By the end everytime she would be asleep and just droopy! :) Unfortunately, I think we always forgot to take a picture! Bummer! :(

So, does going to Idaho mean that we won't see you Sunday?! Dang! We'll miss you but I guess you've gone to church how many Sundays without us being there!?! :) haha I think we'll survive! :)
Have fun at the parents! :)

Charles and Nancy said...

Samantha is such a little doll! Charlie always fallls asleep in the Snugli. Have fun snowboarding!

Skyler and Aubrey said...

I came across your blog tonight. Congratulations on your little Samantha. How fun! I can't believe how grown up we all are. You look like a great little mommy!

Ceci and Steven said...

I totally saw you guys walking down state st. that sunday! no I'm not stalking, but just funny that I saw you and BAAM you mention it on your post! Cute little girl! she's getting so big!