Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Home?

We have found the most amazing place to move to!! Hopefully this one works out!! Some of you know we keep finding great places, but they just don't work out, but hopefully this one will.
It is a nice place in Springville at an assisted living home. 2 twelve hour days and every other Saturday. I would cook for the residents (which I enjoy) and clean (which I actually don't mind cleaning at all) and other things. For the work I do we would be compensated through rent and utilities. Not bad, eh? Jacob and I have been looking high and low since November for a place where I could stay home with Samantha, but also where I could work for part or all of our rent (RA, or at one of those storage unit places, etc.). We feel pretty good about this one so far, so hopefully they feel good about us too... I guess we'll see!
Yesterday I was thinking about all of the wonderful people here in Provo that I would miss if we get it (I would come visit frequently though!). I'll also miss the river trail :(


Jason & Shannon said...

The hardest part is finding someone to take over the place you are living in now. Good luck!

Jacob and Nicole said...

oh our contract ends at the end of April, and since we would have free rent at the other place we'll just pay it-- we're lucky! :)

Rebecca & Jeff said...

YAY and Boo! I am so glad you guys finally found a place, I know you have been looking hard. As much as i'd love for you to stay on the other side of the block from me, I really hope it works out for you. Finding a place like that is such a blessing. Good luck!

Katrina said...

I don't want you to move! But I know that you have been looking and I'm glad you may have found something!! Hopefully it works out cuz that sounds like a good set up! (Although, I wouldn't like cooking for them...I'm glad you will! :) lol)
You'll definitely have to come out this way frequently and we'll come see you too! :)