Monday, March 16, 2009

our experience at the assisted living home

It was really neat to be at the assisted living home yesterday, and I will probably never forget it. It is a really neat setup they have there, and I really enjoyed it (okay, besides the gross parts of getting spit on-one of the ladies spits while she talks- and changing a diaper..haha.) The part that was the neatest to me was a man named John. He is SOOO old, and sooooo sweet. He is more there mentally than most of them, but can't do much at all physically. (oh, and he has 16 kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!) It was just so neat to watch him with Samantha. He came out and saw her and you could see the immediate adoration! He sat down in a chair and wanted to hold her, so we let him and it was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. I think Samantha really brightened his day! She just stared up at him and he was SOOOO SOOOOO happy to have her in his arms, it just thrilled him. I could tell he was one of those guys that just loves kids and I bet he was such a great dad/grandpa! Later I sat down and was talking to him for a little bit, and when we were helping him get ready for bed, he asked us to join him for his nightly prayers and he said a beautiful prayer. There were also funny parts of the day- one of the ladies kept calling from her room (her room was about 15 feet from the phone and she called 10+ times while we were there and that is NOT an exaggeration) to ask the same question of where her sister was. haha, anyway it was a good experience and I'm glad we were able to have it, even though it didn't work out for us.

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