Monday, March 16, 2009

post #50

As I was going to write a new post I saw that this will be #50!! crazy!!!
Well we decided not to take the place in Springville. We don't know if they would have picked us or not -- they had it narrowed down to us and one other couple and told us they thought we would be able to do a better job, but they were concerned about Samantha and how she could interfere with my being able to do the job (it really is a LOT of work; the guy who does it right now says he sometimes has a hard time managing everything and he's been doing it over a year and doesn't watch his kids at the same time).
Anyway I was all confident that I would be able to do it yesterday, but today my sweet little girl was NOT sweet!! She has a bit of a tummy ache and spent most of her day screaming at me. Very frustrating. I wasn't able to make time for a shower even, (Gross, I know!!!) and wasn't able to get everything cleaned up the way I like. ugh. It just made us have second thoughts, because what on earth would I do if that happened on one of my days there? It would be me and only me from 8am til about 6pm when Jacob got there and we'd still have to finish up and then be on call all night long!!!
I'm convinced there was a reason for her being sooo grumpy today; as soon as we decided maybe it wasn't right for us I felt the hugest weight get lifted from my shoulders! Such a great opportunity, but once again not quite right for us. Soooo frustrating.
Jacob told me today he just wants me to be happy so I told him we should stay in the ward, haha. So now we are looking harder than ever for a place here. I guess we'll see what happens.


Rebecca & Jeff said...

It is amazing how Heavenly Father points us in the direction we should go. All in his time table. I am so glad for now you are staying in the ward! I hope you can find some place that works for you guys!

Vrska Family said...

Well I hope that you find something, I'm sure you will and it will be an even better opportunity than the last one! I hope Samantha gets feeling better!

Ang said...

Now you know how I feel.... Landen has grumpy days about half the time...though I just stick him in his cirb and let him cry it out while I shower. He hasn't died yet ;)

Hope the search for an apartment/house goes better.

Briana said...

I just wanted to tell you that I think your blog layout is so cute!