Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rolling Over and Eating!!

So Samantha rolled over for real (rather than just losing her balance and rolling like before) last night! Unlike most babies, she went from her back to her front, and still hasn't rolled the other way yet. She has this cute pink rattle that she absolutely loves and we stuck it just out of her reach and next thing we know, she's on her tummy!! We tried to make her do it again last night and she wouldn't, but this morning I got her to do it again! :) YAY!

And after her 4 month checkup the doctor said we could start trying her on solids- we tried and it didn't go over very well. After just one try, everytime after that we tried she started screaming and thrashing just at the sight of the spoon. So on Sunday we decided we would wait a few more weeks then try again. Last night we were eating spaghetti and I could tell she wanted some, so I got a little bit of sauce on my finger and she loved it. Jacob pureed some tomato and we gave it to her with a spoon and she loved it. I knew it probably wasn't going to very good for her with all the spices, so we pulled out some pears and I started again with my finger then went to a spoon and she ate!!!!! YAY!!! So today we will try her cereal mixed with pears. Hopefully it goes over okay.


Vrska Family said...
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Vrska Family said...

That is so exciting! It is so much fun when they conquer mile stones and learn new things! She is beautiful!

Katrina said...

I guess watching Kamryn worked! :) haha! :) I'm excited for you! Way to go Samantha!

Ang said...

Haha .. I bet she spit up the tomatoes. They are very acidic for their little tummies.

Seriously check out they have superb advice on what to feed and how to make your baby food (if you want).