Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stewart Falls

Yesterday I talked Jacob into going on a hike with me up to Stewart Falls. We borrowed snow shoes from my parents when we were there last weekend and I wanted to try them out.. Well, I have only been to Stewart Falls during the summer months, and didn't really realize it gets enough traffic in the winter that you don't really need them, in fact it was more difficult with them because the trail is kinda skinny. So we ditched our snow shoes and our coats (we had snowpants and sweatshirts and were plenty warm) and were off! It was a ton of fun, and a super easy hike during the summer (only 2 miles- I'm not sure if that's round trip or one way) and was easy enough for the winter, but we're both a little sore today- walking through snow is just so much harder than the ground! My friend Mary babysat Samantha and had a ton of fun with her, and thankfully Sammie was well behaved!

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Katrina said...

fun fun! Glad you got to go! :)