Friday, April 24, 2009

Trip to California

So we went on a trip to California to visit the Winegardner's and it was sooooooooooo so so much fun. Utah had a major snow storm and it was Beautiful weather there!! We arrived late Saturday night and were able to spend all day Easter Sunday with them, it was great! (can you say Cadbury creme eggs.... YUM) We also got to meet Ariel's boyfriend Don (he came for Easter dinner), whom I thought was seemed like a very nice person. On Monday we put up their pool, and it was actually pretty fun, but a lot of work. Tuesday.... was Disneyland!!! Wahoo!!! It was actually really crowded and kinda cold. oh well :) It was still fun. We didn't take very many pictures, but oh well. Oh yeah, coincidentally, we were actually there at the same time as some of our good friends the Seamons, who we hung out with for a couple hours, and actually some of our only pictures are with them, haha. (hope you guys don't mind me posting one??)
Here we are!
Samantha LOVED the "It's a Small World" ride.. she also loved the Jungle Cruise ride too.

This is her on 'It's a small world'... she was fascinated.
Us at 'Honey I shrunk the audience'

We had a lot of fun the rest of the week, we swam in the pool(even though the water was freezing..we didn't last long) played a lot of games, went bowling...played Farm Town (haha, we are nerds, yes.) All in all it was a great trip!! on the way back we stayed with Jacob's best friend Jeremy and his family in Las Vegas and it was so good to see them! They have 2 kids who are soo so cute and it was nice of them to let us stay there.
While we were in Ridgecrest Sammie slept in one of those play-pens. Which was good except she kept rolling over onto her stomach, then would wake up and scream. Not cool. So we put our duffel bags in there with her so she wouldn't have enough room to roll over. One night after we put her to bed she just looked so cute we had to take a picture.

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Whitney said...

Oh I am so jealous! Disneyland is my very favorite place, I actually cry when I see the commercials I love it so much! We took Taelee when she was 6 months, it was fun making such wonderful memories. I am glad you guys had a good time!