Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We have a big girl!!

Sooo I thought I would give an update on Samantha's development since I haven't in a long time- and let's face it, what her grandparents REALLY want to read about is her. It's been about two months and she has accomplished a LOT since then! She can now roll any direction front to back or back to front, she can pick up really small objects, she can sit up (YAY!) and when she is on her tummy she can almost pull herself into a crawling position, has started scooting backwards (though she is trying to go forwards!) and can spin herself in a circle while on her tummy.
She had her 6 month check-up today and I was surprised to discover how tall she is! 26.5 inches and in the 72%ile for her age! She is 15.3 lbs in the 32%ile and her head is in the 83%ile.

Some cute/silly stories.....
--About a week ago she finally discovered how to razzle her lips and she sticks her tongue out while she does it and spit goes everywhere. A few days ago I was feeding her (she looooooves peaches!) rice cereal/peaches and she was happy as can be. I was about halfway done and stuck a bite in her mouth and she decided to razzle. Of course her food went all over the place and she was looking at it curiously. I wiped it up and gave her another bite and she did it again and kinda chuckled. I gave her another bite and she did it again and started laughing her head off. She thought it was the most hilarious thing and I tried to give her another bite but she just did it again. By that time I was covered in little bits of her food, so I gave up, haha!
--Samantha doesn't usually take a nap in the evenings unless she didn't take her other naps very well and is grumpy. About a week ago was an evening like this. I got her up and it was time to feed her. I start feeding her and Jacob and I were watching a show together. She burped while she was eating and started laughing. A few minutes later she tooted and starting laughing hysterically. When she finished eating she burped and started laughing really hard again. You'd think she was a boy, laughing at her gas like that, haha!! (Thank goodness, she hasn't done it since!)


Whitney said...

Those are funny stories! Be thankful that you weren't feeding her carrots when she did that everywhere, those are a lot harder to clean up! It's good to hear she is doing all those things, what a big girl!

Briana said...

Those are cute little stories. I have one about her too.

When I babysat Sammie at my apartment I showed her my roommate's goldfish and the first time she saw it she tried to grab it though the fishbowl. And then later I showed the fish to her again and she just laughed and laughed at it. It was so cute!! Her laugh is adorable and I love to hear it

Jeff & Meg said...

That's the funniest thing I've ever heard! :)

Katrina said...

That is so cute! I love the funny stories! Sammy is so fun! She seems so much bigger and older everytime I see her!