Friday, May 29, 2009

Annnnd some videos from Yellowstone

Here are some videos from Yellowstone.. sorry the one with the buffalo I completely ruined because I was too busy looking at him and not the camera, but you can kinda get the idea.. basically he was getting out some aggression ripping the trees to shreds and stamping his feet.

The other video is obviously of Old Faithful. In it you will hear some commentary by me, Alie, and my dad. My dad is a way cool guy and knows almost everything. I'm not even kidding or exaggerating, he just kind of absorbs information and remembers it. And he knows even more about the outdoors- in YW and achievement days, he was ALWAYS the one they called to take us on hikes and tell us the names of all the plants and birds and wildlife and so forth- he loves Yellowstone and has been more times than he could count. He has had many adventures in yellowstone (one including being chased by an over aggressive buffalo and having to jump into a tree in order to escape it!!), and I consider him my own personal expert of the park. As you will notice he says that the old faithful eruption is the biggest one he has seen in awhile (though it's kinda hard to tell in the movie, esp since it's cold and it's hard to see anything but steam) so enjoy, if you've never seen this cool phenomenom that takes place every 50-90 minutes.

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