Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Weekend (Yellowstone)

For Memorial Weekend we went to visit my family in Idaho! It was soo much fun! We had a busy busy weekend! We went to Yellowstone with my fam and some friends- Jerry and Alie and their daughter Julie (and also their little bun in the oven, which I think they decided to name Jane)
--On Monday in the early afternoon we decided to go 4-wheeling and I forgot my camera, which was a shame, because it was a bunch of fun and very pretty where we went! We also were on our way back to the tahoe when we round a bend and were going to go through this little thing (sorry, I can't explain it) and there was a huge bull just laying there. We stopped because he jumped up and starting stamping his foot at us..SCARY!!! After a few minutes he went running after some girl-cow (poor thing) and we were able to continue on our way!
Here are some pics from Yellowstone:

Samantha fascinated by one of the mudpots and Jerry and Julie in the background(above)
My favorite walk in all of Yellowstone, it is so beautiful! (below)

The above 2 pictures and 1 below were taken at Yellowstone Lake, which happens to be the largest Alpine Lake in North America (an alpine lake means a lake above 5,000 ft. altitude)

Cute Alie with her baby bump(above)! And my silly almost 17 year-old brother picking up on chicks with Julie's princess umbrella

At the Falls! They were a lot wider than normal, and the river is a lot higher than normal!

Sweet little Sammie was exhausted!

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Rachel said...

Holy cow, you've been a busy, busy girl blogging the past few days! Wahoo for new blog posts!

Love the video of Samantha laughing/crying. Isn't it fun to watch them grow?