Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is Samantha playing in the grass in our front yard! It was soo long. Jacob and I are given a rent reduction May- October to keep the weeds down. They just kind of popped up all of a Sudden! Suddenly they were 2+ feet tall! We took some cute pictures then decided to get to work on it. Well the owners only supplied us with a weed wacker so it was a long and tedious process.

Jacob got out is his machete (spelling?) and went to town with it, while I used to weed wacker. A few hours later we finally finished. Last year they told us we could kill off the weeds if we wanted (there isn't any grass, just weeds), so we decided to do that this year, since we really don't have 3 hours to invest in removing weeds each weekend. We got some powerful weed killers and killed everything off. Now you can recognize our yard and it stands out a TON because it looks like it's July and hasn't seen water in months. Oh well!


Briana said...

Those pictures in the weeds are so adorable!!

Ang said...

Ha! Ha! Did you see the pictures of our lawn? They grow fast with a little heat and some rain!