Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blind or Sad

This morning I went to Target to run a few errands and decided to stop by our favorite fruit/ vegetable stand and get our first bag of peaches for the year (our favorite stand is just barely west of Target). These peaches are our favorite! Very flavorful and juicy! The juice literally just streams down your arm! But the stand was GONE! I was bummed. I decided to just get some peaches from some other place, because as I recall from summers past, there are a whole bunch of little stands between Target and home. But I didn't see a single one. I might be a little bit blind?? I'm hoping I'm just blind, otherwise I am so sad that they are gone! Does anyone know what happened to these amazing produce stands or where they are now located? I'm not talking just peaches, but the produce stands in general.


Ang said...

Wait and See.... it's a little early for peach stands, try again in month give or take a little bit.

Rachel said...

yeah, I was going to say the same thing...I thin it's a bit early for Utah peaches to be ripe and ready.

Sounds yummy, though!

Jacob said...
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