Friday, June 5, 2009

And we have mobility!!

So a little over a week and a half ago Samantha scooted forward for her first time. I was really happy the next day when she seemed to have forgotten.. I wasn't quite ready to chase after her all day and baby proof the house! For the next few days she just scooted backwards like normal. Then, she remembered how to go forwards again and my life hasn't been the same since! She isn't particularly fast yet, but is definitely getting there. She doesn't crawl yet, but almost, she gets up on her knees and kinda takes a few "steps" then launches herself forward onto her stomach! So cute! I've spent all week cleaning and vacuum at Least every other day... And she is terrified of the vacuum so, lucky me I either have to hold her while vacuuming (which, surprisingly isn't all that hard) or wait until Jacob is home. I was so sure she wasn't going to be crawling until she was 9 or 10 months! Who knew it would be at 7???


Rebecca & Jeff said...

Woo Hoo! How fun!

Rachel said...

I remember having to vacuum every day to keep my floor clean for my crawling baby. Not so fun. But definitely needed when they put ANYTHING in their mouth at that stage.

But woohoo for your little girl! That's an exciting milestone!