Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Temple!

Jacob and I haven't been to a Ward temple night since we've been married. We've really wanted to go the last few times they have had them (because they always get enough people to sign up so that a member of the temple presidency gets to speak) but we don't want to ask someone in the ward like home or visiting teachers to babysit, because if they have the time then they should get to go too!! But tonight my dad is going to be here and is going to babysit!! WAHOOOO!


Kendra and Caleb said...

My husband always works Thursday nights and I don't like to go without him so you should ask me!!!

Briana said...

That is so awesome! I'm glad you can go to the temple with your ward. I need to come visit you soon. This week has just been so crazy busy. Mom said we need to go to Costco and check out their tickets for seven peaks because I heard they are cheaper there then buying them at the theme park

Jeff & Meg said...

Jeff & I would love to babysit anytime :)