Friday, July 31, 2009

My latest project!

I looove doing crafty things and working with my hands. I don't digital scrapbook because I'd much rather DO something than sit at a computer, yes it is easier and cheaper to go digital, but oh well :)
Back in October, I believe, I signed up for a craft at enrichment and accidentally signed up for the wrong one. *sigh* I didn't really want to do the one I had accidentally signed up for so I had a whole bunch of blocks that looked like this:

Except this one has been sanded, they were a whoole lot rougher to begin with.
I began thinking a few weeks ago about what I could do to make Samantha's room look cuter without it costing very much money and also something non-permanent since we live in an apt.
I thought that I would paint some blocks with her name! They were having a killer sale at Roberts on unfinished wood so I bought this shelf for about $6 or $7:

I sanded, painted the blocks, then decided to paint on animals along with the letters, and I antiqued the shelf (it's a little rough looking, but it was my first time!) then I gave it a finish and here is the final project:

I haven't hung it yet, since I just finished it, and we are moving tomorrow, but I will soon!
The best part is, my mom gave me all her old paints and a can of antique, so it didn't cost me anything besides the shelf! :)

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was pretty good! I had a couple surprises, which is exciting because I LOVE surprises! :) I thought I was going to have to spend most of the day by myself (Jacob has class 8am-10pm on Thursdays with only a few breaks) packing, since our deciding to move was pretty sudden, and I was pretty bummed, because really I just love to be around people! So Jacob came to visit me and brought me a small ice cream cake -I LOVE having my birthday in the summer, because it means ice cream cake, which I personally like waaaay more than regular (I'm just not a huge cake person)-
sorry I look grungy, it's a bad picture AND I'd been packing all morning.

Then... I had been hoping Briana would come visit me but when I asked her if she was coming in the morning she said maybe but she'd have to see what her day was like. I was pretty disappointed. Then she surprised me and came by about 4:30 with a homemade ice cream cake -it was sooooo yummy!!- and stayed and hung out with me til about 11 :) I was thrilled!!! And tonight we are going to Tucano's yuuuuuuummm!!

Sammie playing in some packing boxes!

Sammie crawled under her entertainment thing! such a cutie!


Well, we finally found somewhere to move!!! Tomorrow we are moving up to Orem.. It's about 3/4 mile away from where we are now and still in our ward! We are pretty excited about it- during the hottest and coldest months we should be saving about 250/month! So good for us! And it's about the same size as our current apartment (if you were to take off the laundry room) and maybe not quite as nice, but still a good place! We are excited! If anyone wants to help out.. Tomorrow morning we could use a sitter from about 8am-10am and then from 12-2- if anyone is willing please just let me know!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bridal Veil

We went up to Bridal Veil Falls on Sunday afternoon to enjoy a nice walk (at about 7 pm). On our way up there we passed by a reeeeeally bad wreck on the other side of the road. A long stretch of the median was completely gone and there was an RV on its side and great big truck (not a semi-truck, but more like an f-350 or something like that) that was upside down, but was also all smashed in on its sides. As we passed, traffic on the other side of the road was already backed up for MILES and people were out of their cars walking around, so I assume they'd already been there for at least a little while. We go park at Nunns then walked up to Bridal Veil and played around then went back to the car and traffic was still not even moving (can you imagine how far backed up it must have been by this point, especially with the holiday weekend?!) I realize that we aren't going to make it back home anytime soon and that we don't have ANY food for Sammie, and she is supposed to eat in about 10-15 minutes! So we call Briana and she came to the rescue with some saltines (we scraped off the salt for sam) and water. She also brought a card game that we played for awhile until FINALLY around 9:25ish we were able to get out onto the road again! It was a fun little adventure and thank you Briana for rescuing my daughter!! :)

All of us in the car waiting for the cars to start moving!

We put her in the trunk to play for a little while, and she LOVED it, it was funny!

Daddy trying to get a kiss

Auntie Odge to the rescue!


First time eating scrambled eggs!

In the bath tub! She loooves bath time!

I cam home from VT one day and found a clean house and a clean baby. The clean baby was strapped to our rocking chair watching a baby einstein dvd I had checked out at the library :) (You have to hold her in your lap, because she will crawl over and stand up right in front of the tv to watch it if you don't)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Another pictureless update! And Happy Utah Holiday!

This summer has been such a blast! Samantha has grown up soo fast! It's been fun to see her personality develop. She is all over the place and into everything! She now has 2 teeth (finally!) and is usually a pretty chill little girl. She is just chill and hangs out doing whatever and doing her own thing. But every once in awhile she can't have something she wants and SCREAMS! It's so funny! She's just this chill little girl with an extremely dramatic side! She was getting too good at walking around (with us holding her hand) and Jacob and I aren't ready for her to walk yet, so we stopped helping her and decided we will start helping her more at 10 months, haha. Sammie and I go to 7 Peaks 1-3 times a week and it's so much fun! Usually we go with Katrina and little Kamryn (happy 1st birthday today!) which is good since her and Samantha are pretty close in age. I will take pictures next time, I promise! :) Life has just been great and we are happy as can be! Jacob is still crazy busy with work and school, but somehow still finds time for Sammie and I! We are excited for a break between summer term and fall semester!! He was actually supposed to have today off (as a paid holiday!!!) but last week they sent out a memo that they changed their minds and were going to be open :( so I'm kinda bummed I was looking forward to having a day with Jacob that he was getting paid for. Oh well!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Been too long

So I know it's been forever since I posted!!! I have been putting it off because I wanted to post about our 4th of July weekend and all of our pictures are on our laptop and we only have cable internet in our apt. and it's a hassle to switch the internet from one computer to the other and I've been too lazy to do that or just grab a jump drive. Maybe tomorrow (maybe not!). So I'm just going to ramble a bit.

First thing on my mind right now--- I am SOOO excited for our annivesary!!! To some it may not sound too cool, but to us- practically perfect! It has been my dream for quite some time to stay in the Anniversary Inn, I keep hearing about how great it is. But let's face it- we have a kid and Jacob is in school, so we are pretty broke. They have 2-3 rooms (depending on location) for 169.00/night, a bunch for 229.00 and 289.00 and on up to 349.00!!!! I don't really like any of the rooms offered at the only price we could POSSIBLY afford ($169) -even with their special going on right now for $25 off!! But I didn't want to go spending all that money just to be in a cheaper room when really I liked some of the pricier ones a lot more. SO I did some more research and found an adorable little bed and breakfast in slc with amazing reviews (everyone raved about how clean they are and their wonderful breakfasts and beautiful rooms!) the best part is that I'm getting a room I Love and won't be wishing we were in a nicer one and it's significantly less!! yay! Then the next day we're going to head to Lagoon for some thrills and my parents are going to be watching Samantha. It will be our first time since she was born to have a night away from her!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if I will even miss her?! Just kidding, I definitely will :)

Second thing on my mind-- DIAPERS of course (I AM a mom :)) Soo Costco is a great store and I really love it, but one of my friends, Rachel, one time said something to the amount of Costco being great, but they sell high quality things at a lower price, but often times you can find low quality things at wal-mart or somewhere else for even cheaper. And she is completely right!!! I did the math-- and I am Not good at math, so I may be wrong. and here is the approximate price per diaper Parent's choice: $0.14 Huggies (purchased at costco):$0.18 Kirkland (the costco "off-brand") : $0.19 Wait... is the Costco off brand More expensive than huggies???? Yes, yes it is in fact! Last time I bought diapers at Costco they had redone the boxes for the Kirkland brand and now the pricing goes as follows for size 3 diapers Huggies: 40.99 for 224 diapers. Kirkland 39.59 for 208 diapers. So basically if you spend an extra 1.40 you get 16 more diapers... I was sorely disappointed by the pricing changes. The Kirkland diapers used to be $10 a box less than huggies! Oh welllllll. Oh yeah on with the point I was trying to make! Okay, so we tried to switch to Parent's choice diapers (.04/ diaper Does add up!!) but Samantha kept getting a rash from them (I think it's just because she is crawling and the extra rubbing) so I went back to Huggies, but we still had 10 or 15 left of the Parent's Choice and I was trying to use them up so yesterday I put 2 on her in a row and she got SUCH a bad rash :( I feel so bad for her, it still hasn't gone away! I was going to go to 7 Peaks today but don't want to for fear their treated water will make it sting really bad.

So there are my ramblings, good for you if you made it through all of that! Anyway, I'm reeeeallly excited to celebrate our anniversary next month! YAY!