Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bridal Veil

We went up to Bridal Veil Falls on Sunday afternoon to enjoy a nice walk (at about 7 pm). On our way up there we passed by a reeeeeally bad wreck on the other side of the road. A long stretch of the median was completely gone and there was an RV on its side and great big truck (not a semi-truck, but more like an f-350 or something like that) that was upside down, but was also all smashed in on its sides. As we passed, traffic on the other side of the road was already backed up for MILES and people were out of their cars walking around, so I assume they'd already been there for at least a little while. We go park at Nunns then walked up to Bridal Veil and played around then went back to the car and traffic was still not even moving (can you imagine how far backed up it must have been by this point, especially with the holiday weekend?!) I realize that we aren't going to make it back home anytime soon and that we don't have ANY food for Sammie, and she is supposed to eat in about 10-15 minutes! So we call Briana and she came to the rescue with some saltines (we scraped off the salt for sam) and water. She also brought a card game that we played for awhile until FINALLY around 9:25ish we were able to get out onto the road again! It was a fun little adventure and thank you Briana for rescuing my daughter!! :)

All of us in the car waiting for the cars to start moving!

We put her in the trunk to play for a little while, and she LOVED it, it was funny!

Daddy trying to get a kiss

Auntie Odge to the rescue!

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Briana said...

What can I say? It's what I do. :) Sammie is so cute...when she's not a monster :)