Friday, July 31, 2009

My Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was pretty good! I had a couple surprises, which is exciting because I LOVE surprises! :) I thought I was going to have to spend most of the day by myself (Jacob has class 8am-10pm on Thursdays with only a few breaks) packing, since our deciding to move was pretty sudden, and I was pretty bummed, because really I just love to be around people! So Jacob came to visit me and brought me a small ice cream cake -I LOVE having my birthday in the summer, because it means ice cream cake, which I personally like waaaay more than regular (I'm just not a huge cake person)-
sorry I look grungy, it's a bad picture AND I'd been packing all morning.

Then... I had been hoping Briana would come visit me but when I asked her if she was coming in the morning she said maybe but she'd have to see what her day was like. I was pretty disappointed. Then she surprised me and came by about 4:30 with a homemade ice cream cake -it was sooooo yummy!!- and stayed and hung out with me til about 11 :) I was thrilled!!! And tonight we are going to Tucano's yuuuuuuummm!!

Sammie playing in some packing boxes!

Sammie crawled under her entertainment thing! such a cutie!


Charles and Nancy said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad it turned out good after all.

Briana said...

We are just so sneaky because we know how much you like surprises.

Katrina said...

Happy bday! So cute! And your blocks are AMAZING!! I need to take a class or two from you on being crafty and creative!!

How'd mvoing go?!
(or going???) :)