Friday, July 31, 2009

My latest project!

I looove doing crafty things and working with my hands. I don't digital scrapbook because I'd much rather DO something than sit at a computer, yes it is easier and cheaper to go digital, but oh well :)
Back in October, I believe, I signed up for a craft at enrichment and accidentally signed up for the wrong one. *sigh* I didn't really want to do the one I had accidentally signed up for so I had a whole bunch of blocks that looked like this:

Except this one has been sanded, they were a whoole lot rougher to begin with.
I began thinking a few weeks ago about what I could do to make Samantha's room look cuter without it costing very much money and also something non-permanent since we live in an apt.
I thought that I would paint some blocks with her name! They were having a killer sale at Roberts on unfinished wood so I bought this shelf for about $6 or $7:

I sanded, painted the blocks, then decided to paint on animals along with the letters, and I antiqued the shelf (it's a little rough looking, but it was my first time!) then I gave it a finish and here is the final project:

I haven't hung it yet, since I just finished it, and we are moving tomorrow, but I will soon!
The best part is, my mom gave me all her old paints and a can of antique, so it didn't cost me anything besides the shelf! :)


Charles and Nancy said...

That is REALLY cute Nicole!! Good Job!

Stephanie said...

That's fantastic! Great idea. I'm trying to get going on ideas for our house too. It's so fun! We should hang otu and do stuff together... although I am gonna start digital scrapbooking, because my son tears the stuff of of regular scarpbook pages. Haha. And like you said, it takes less time and costs less money... we'll see how it goes (which I am hoping it does since I haven't done much scrapbooking since we got married).

Sara said...

those are really cute!!

Stacy Robbins said...

They are so cute!