Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Health

What is good health? There are many, many perspectives on good health, what it entails, what it doesn't entail, etc. Some people spend their lives following health trends, others find what is healthy for them and stick with it. Others have an idea of what is healthy and are either too lazy or don't care or don't have the motivation to get with it. I have my own ideas.

#1- The most important thing you can do for your health, above all, is EXERCISE. Some people hear that word and cringe, some feel guilty, some nod enthusiastically, other have different or no reaction. I firmly believe that just about ANY "disability" you may have, you can still exercise. Unless your doctor has put you on bedrest, or you are extremely handicapped in some way, or paralyzed, (or some other random thing I can't think of/ don't know about) there is SOME form of exercise you can do. Have a bad knee, back, wrist, foot, eye, elbow, ankle, neck, stomach, leg, finger, toe, hair, or whatever excuse you are thinking of? Go talk to your doctor, he will help you find exercise you can do. Too obese to exercise? WRONG! Your doctor will still help!!!!! If he can't, switch doctors. The things that exercise can do for your body are endless. Exercise aids in preventing many heart diseases, cancers, acne, digestive problems, depression, etc etc ETC. Most people don't realize there wouldn't be near as many people die from heart disease and other heart problems if they would just cut back on their fat intake a bit and EXERCISE!
#2- I firmly believe in moderation in ALL things. You can have too much of ANYTHING, including water (though it is hard to do) Some things you definitely need more of than others. Take meat for instance: Meat is delicious, and provides a lot of nutrients, but is one thing americans tend to eat too much of. Meat is one of those things on the lower end, but, in my opinion, still needed (HA, can you tell I'm not vegan or vegetarian?!) I believe dairy products are good for you, I DON'T want to break my hip at age 55, thanks anyway though. Moderation though. I'm not eating cheese or yogurt alll day long (not really even once a day, though I do have milk daily). A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is a fantastic one. BUT if you ate only fruits and veggies, you would be lacking some valuable nutrients!
#3- I believe we should have as many "whole" foods as possible. There are some things about the vegan lifestyle that, I guess you could say inspire me. But only that, inspire. They are lacking a lot, and are just another silly diet trend, but, like most diets, have some good points. I like their outlook on "whole" foods. Although, it is pretty much a scam... My brother in law, a dairy farmer, was working at a farm where they produced "organic" milk. Want to know what thye had to do to make their milk "organic"? I bet you do, don't you! So, to claim their milk as "organic" their cows had to have a certain amount of "roam time". Bet you want to know how long it was, don't you? Yeah, all they did was pen the cows up on one side of the field, and walk the cows ACROSS the field to milk them, then walk them back.... TADA! "organic" milk. Sounds like some killer milk, huh? And this isn't coming from some article I read, but someone who actually worked on the farm. And not through my nephew's 3rd cousins ex-wifes uncle, but from the mouth of my brother in law as heard by myself, husband, and whoever else was there. BUT, back to my point of "whole" foods, there have been countless studies for decades, suggesting whole wheat bread (nope, sorry, not just plain wheat bread, or multi-grain bread) is far better for you than white or any I just listed. And, if you have your own garden, I imagine those vegetables are probably healthier than ones purchased.
#4- You don't have to give up something you love!!! If you love cheesecake, then by all means, eat a piece of cheesecake!! Just don't eat it every day, every week, or even every few weeks! And if you love greasy french fries and burgers, or other fast foods, then eat it, but CERTAINLY not every day or even every week.. Eat that type of stuff SPARINGLY.
#5- Soda-- give it up! Talk about empty calories!! Plus it's not very good for you! When I exercise and the day before I drank a soda, my workout doesn't go nearly as well. Most runners or people who workout vigorously on a regular basis will attest to this. Then again, it might just be ALLLLL the sugar in it. who knows? either way, it isn't good for you. And don't try to tell me you're drinking diet, so it's fine... Go google your fake sugars and find out the damage they are doing to your body first. right, that's what I thought.
#6- back to the vegans... Ummm guys... you use those fake eggs called "egg-beaters" or whatever they are called... Um yeah, a scientist invented those. Please explain to me what is so "whole" about a scientifically invented egg substitute. I'm sticking with the real thing. Yep. And yes, I realize that the whole vegan thing means "No animal by-products" but, vegans also are proponents of "whole" foods and 'organic' foods because they are healthier. If you want to keep preservatives out of your food, and pesticides off your fruit, you better grow and make EVERYTHING by hand, because the companies are fooling you and making a ton of money when you buy 'organic' foods.

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