Sunday, August 23, 2009


-None of my clothes fit and we are too poor to buy me new ones. :( Too bad I don't like belts like I did when I was 14/15ish.
-I can now only part my hair on the left side, or else I would expose a nice streak of Gray hairs.. that's right, GRAY. Too bad I don't have blonde or light brown hair, that would hide them all!! On second thought, I am proud to have dark brown hair, nevermind.
-Ottavio's shut down :( :( :( I had no idea and have no clue how long they have been shut down, but they were my favorite restaurant in Provo and I just discovered this yesterday.

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Stephanie said...

They closed about a month ago to pursue selling their sauces or something like that. I never even got to go. Oh well. We are going to be bad and use some of Justin's student loan money to have a shopping day together, because both of us are running out of clothes that fit. It's bad, I know, but you must be clothed and anyway I am looking forward to it.