Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Anniversary!

Jacob and I had a fabulous anniversary celebration a couple weeks back! It was soooo nice! We went out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (I know, not fancy shmancy, but it's what we wanted) and it was delightful and yummy.

Like my sunglasses? true retro- they were my grandpas :)

We stayed at a beautiful bed and breakfast in Sandy and it was a reeally nice place!! All cozy and romantic! Then the next day we went to Lagoon and had a BLAST! It was great fun! It was nice to be away from Sammie for so long. I love her to death, but man that break was great!! I love my sweetheart and am sooo happy that I get to spend forever with him :)

The "castle" where we stayed.

They had a pleasant little walk outside to some fountains and such

Us being the goofy nerds we truly are


Rachel said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you got to get a break from being Mom for a bit. It's so important to take a break sometimes.

Stephanie said...

How in the world did you decide what to do? I am secretly planning a trip for Justin and I sometime next spring in celebration of our 5TH anniversary!!! Can you believe that? I really want to leave UT, but we'd have to fly, so it'd have to be somewhere I could get really good tickets too... ugh. Planning is so unfortunate. Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

Briana said...

Awe!!! I'm glad you can be together forever too! Now you're stuck with me too haha