Friday, September 18, 2009

First pigtails and our little climber!!

Her first pigtails! Sorry it's blurry, I took it wiht my phone!

Some funny lookin hair post-piggies

Lately every time I turn around for 3 seconds, I find her climbing on top of something!

She loooves to climb! Notice how proud of herself she looks in these two pictures?

On top of my scrapbooking stuff


Briana said...

She is so precious. I love her pig tails

Katrina said...

I love the pig tails! I'm so jealous! :) haha

However, I'm NOT jealous of the climbing phase! Kamryn isn't quite into climbing all of the time yet!

I can't believe how big Sammie looks in those pictures. It wasn't THAT long ago I saw her but she is growing so fast!

Rachel said...

Her post pigtails pictures are super funny/cute. Love it.

Stephanie said...

"Bad Moon Rising" was playing as I was looking through this pictures. It was awesome. She is adorable and I am totally jealous that you can put pigtails in her hair. On a side note I am totally bugged that the BYU dress code post is gone, since I didn't get to finish reading it... maybe it will magically reappear and the website is just being dumb...