Monday, October 19, 2009

364 days

Tomorrow Samantha will be 1 year old. I can't believe it!! Last night I was marveling at where I was exactly 1 year ago. 1 year ago (yesterday) was a Saturday, I had my baby shower and it was sooo much fun, I loved it. I remember explaining to everyone about my cholestasis and how they were probably going to induce me later the next week (Thursday or Friday). I had NO clue that when I went in for my checkup on Monday, they were going to say "OH! Today you are 37 weeks? Well, we better get you to the hospital to be induced" I was terrified, Jacob was at school, so I went and picked him up from school and we went over (HA, I drove myself to the hospital to have her:)) They wanted to give me an amnio, but wanted us to sign this waver saying how it wouldn't be their fault if it sent me into labor and the baby could die, and the amnio would be really painful, I remember reading it, and Jacob and I looked at each other and were like "we are NOT signing that!" when the doctor came in to talk to us about it she gave an ultrasound and thought Samantha looked fine and an amnio wouldn't be needed (in my head I was like 'good, cause I'm not getting one anyway!'). They started the pitocin around 2, I started feeling contractions around 3:30, and she was born at 10:43.

The last year has been a busy one and a crazy one, with a lot of ups and downs and life's lessons. Samantha is walking everywhere, eats most everything, has 4 1/2 teeth (1 keeps cutting then going back up, depending on the day she has 4 or 5) with another 1 1/2 coming in. She is very friendly, she hardly ever cries when other people hold her, but will cry when mom and dad hold her. She loves making messes and is already all girl (how do I deal with that?? I was the biggest tomboy when I was little- I even cut my hair like a boys!!!) she likes to watch me do my makeup and will grab things around her and act like she is putting makeup on. She loves bows and jewelery and clothes and shopping.
We are looking forward to the years to come with her, and adding on to our family sometime in the next couple of years. I'll admit I'm a little scared to be pregnant again, and worried about getting cholestasis again (now that I've had it, I have about a 70-90% chance of getting it again with each pregnancy), but life is good and we are so happy!


Ang said...

Happy Birthday Sammie!

Briana said...

Oh, Sammie! Happy Birthday, little girl! That picture of her in the tree is so cute. It's perfect

Katrina said...

Happy Birthday Sammie!! We'll have to come play again sometime soon...after Kamryn is feeling better. (Last thing we want to do is get you sick for your Bday!) :) ha

And btw, I LOVE that picture for your header!) :)