Friday, October 23, 2009

Craigo's meets Provo!!

I spent my high school years going to Craigo's pizza in Rexburg. It was soooo yummy, and a pretty good price! After I left for college, Craigo's expanded, moved and turned themselves into more of a restaurant (I don't really know how to describe what they were before, they were a restaurant but I guess it was more like a pizza joint, sometimes there were live bands and other things, it was pretty cool) they expanded to some other towns in Idaho, and a month or 2 ago I saw a sign that they were coming to Provo!!! I was thrilled and we had to try it out! We went this afternoon, and I was definitely not disappointed! Go try it out everyone, Craigo's is amazing :)

OHH! BUT it's called Pizza Pie Cafe here and it's in the Albertson's parking lot across from Olive Garden.


Susan said...

I don't know about Craigo's, but I love the new picture. It is now my desktop photo. (You'll have to take us the next time we are in town!!)

Landon and Kylie said...

Yeah, we totally went. :)