Friday, November 13, 2009


Well things have been going well for us lately. I don't get to see Jacob as often as I'd like, because he is so busy with work and school, but oh well. Samantha is... well a toddler. She gets into everything and loves to tear apart the house, I spend most of my time cleaning these days :) She has a few words that she says, 'daddy' 'bye' 'ball' (ball means toy to her) and a few other things that all mean "what's this" and some other things I can't think of at the moment. Her newest thing she can do is open things. For example, i have a concealer that's in a tube like a lipstick, and she can now pull of the lid, and she pulls of the lids on my chapstick and anything else that you just have to pull to take off the lid. She has a really fun little personality and is still so friendly to everyone! She loves to cuddle and still loves reading books.
This Thanksgiving Jacob has to work Wednesday and Friday so we will just be staying here. Starting that weekend the place where he works will be closed on Saturdays, so we are really excited to actually be able to go places on the weekend if we want!
Oh! and Samantha is officially weaned and finally loves whole milk in her sippy cup!

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Katrina said...

I feel like I never talk to you anymore... maybe cuz I live 15 minutes further now?! :( Good job with the weaning!

We'll be around for Thanksgiving too, so we should totally do something! Kamryn came down with the croup this week so we'll have to try to get together after she's over that! (I'm so so ready for her to be healthy again!) ha!