Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Welllll Christmas has come and gone, unfortunately. I love the Christmas season; I love how happy everyone is and how giving and loving- people are truly more Christ-like during the Christmas season! Jacob and I spent 9 wonderful days in California this year and it was soo fun! The weather was nice and warm (I'm still not used to the warmth at Christmas, but still very pleasant.) We went to Death Valley one of the days and went sandboarding.. Samantha had soooo much fun pushing herself down the dune (see video) and would scream like crazy if we tried to make her stay on top!.....Looks like once again I was too focused on Samantha to get any pictures of anyone else, but here are some of her and the video.
Look how far away she would get! She didn't even care that mom and dad were so far away.

We had a lot of fun and crazy times.....

I honestly feel that I don't owe an explanation for these pictures, haha
Ariel and her boyfriend Don- so cute!
Samantha on Christmas morning with one of her favorite presents.. yogurt melts!
We were spoiled with many really nice presents, and we had such an amazing time! Thanks for making it such a great Christmas!!


Ang said...

Landen keeps pointing at you and saying "babee" It's pretty funny.

Katrina said...

Glad you had so much fun! I can't believe Christmas is already past either! :) I'd have to say that I'm into the warm Christmas in California! :) I was sad to come back to snow...and cold. :)

LOVE the Sand Dune pics with Samantha! I could see Kamryn doing the same thing!