Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Years!

Because of how New Year's fell we were able to go visit my family without Jacob missing any work! (Although he did end up having to miss his half day on Thursday because my dear sweet grandma passed away on the 26 and her funeral was that morning) So we had a bunch of fun at my parents house, but we didn't take any pictures unfortunately :(
Here is a picture of Jacob and his 2 1/2 week beard he grew out over the break. It was longer than it looks in this picture
Anyway I know I'm a few days late, and I haven't begun these yet but I have a few New Year's Resolutions that I am making for this year and starting Today!
1- Keep up being healthy and exercising regularly
I've been doing well at this, and would like to keep it up and not waste all my hard work.
2- Read scriptures personally every day
Jacob and I are really good about reading together, but sometimes I forget to do it on my own.. oops!
3- Write in my "Tender Mercies" journal at least 4 times/ week
this one I am really excited about, especially lately as I have been thinking about it, I have really loved being able to see more and more the Lord's hand in my life as well as in others. We are all so very blessed!

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Katrina said...

Sounds like awesome goals for the year!
Ryan grew a beard over the break too...haha!

Sorry about your Grandma...glad you got to be there for the funeral. Glad you had a good New Years with your family.