Saturday, January 1, 2011

Panic Mode

Panic Mode has officially set in. I'm kinda freaking out about this whole being a mom again thing. How am I supposed to be a mom of 2? I am Not excited for the first 6 months, and especially not excited for the first 2 months. The first two months mean no sleep. And now, since I have Samantha they REALLY mean no sleep! I most likely will be taking care of Sam or the house during his naps.. Oh well. And what if he has colic?! Sammi had some nasty colic. 6-8 hours a day.. every day.. Pretty sure I lost my sanity then, and it will just be worse with a toddler around to take care of. Anyway I have less than 5 weeks left. I know people with their first pregnancies can't wait to get their baby out, and that's definitely how I was the first time, but MAN, it seems like it's all coming so fast! How do I prepare for this?! How am I ever going to sleep again? How am I going to have time to do anything?? How am I going to keep a clean house? I Hate when my house is dirty. Like, really really hate it.

Oh and just so everyone knows I think we are going with Jase for a name. Not our first pick- but oh well, that's life.


Charles and Nancy said...

I had the same fears. And I can't tell you that the first 2 months are all lollipops and rainbows but you will survive and its not as bad as you are imagining right now. Since you like your house clean try just doing the bare minimum and then taking a nap. You need that sleep. Also don't be afraid to ask for help: like a neighbor or friend to watch Sam while you either take a nap with the baby or get some cleaning done. I know you can do it!

Marwin The Misunderstood Wizard said...

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Stephanie said...

Hey Nicole,

Try not to stress. It's best to just accept that the house isn't going to be perfectly clean. If you have a good routine going though, it shouldn't be too difficult to keep it up. You MUST get a sleepy wrap though, so you can do house work and hold the baby. I'm still wishing I had one (they last forever too - one of my friends can still put her toddler in it). I just really have to stress that if both the kids are asleep you MUST sleep. Trust me, I've turned into a psychotic monster and it is not good news. The sooner you accept that things aren't going to go as well the easier and happier your life will be. I definitely toned down my crazy expectations after 2 kids (but especially after 3). It'll be ok. It really will. The cute little feet and hands and kissable face make it all worth it. :) Ok, I am rambling. I just don't want you to stress.

Lynette said...

You will do great! Also I love the name. No matter what anyone says whatever you pick will be a great name.

Katrina said...

I'm so happy to hear you have a name! :) I like it! It sounds really good with Winegardner. (whereas those 1 syllable names with Seamons....not so much! :) haha)

Don't panic or stress too much. Because with all that worry and the sleepless nights---you will have a little baby. Another bundle of joy. You will not be able to get enough of him and Samantha will not be able to get enough of him! And I'm sure you will see her suddenly mature more than you ever expected as she starts to help with him and be his little "2nd mom". Yes, the newborn stage is extremely hard. and Yes, there are things that could be harder (ie. colic) but you will also have many moments of pure joy seeing the 2 of them interact and just having a new spirit in your home. :)

(I know you know all of that, but I think it helps to hear it sometimes! Plus...I feel like I know what you mean...wasn't that long ago I was where you are!) :)

Oh! And if you are seriously stressing about your house being dirty--I'll come clean it for you! It isn't worth all the anxiety! ;)

Can't wait to see you in a couple of days! :)