Thursday, January 7, 2010


I decided to review some books I've read and movies I've seen lately!

Ahhh the Hunger Games series.... Incredibly gripping books. Lots of action and adventure-- but not the blow up kind that seems more what guys like; it has the type of action for ALL audiences- with a small love story on the side! This author is AMAZING. They easily make top 5 fiction books I have EVER read!

The Lovely Bones... People are going to think I'm crazy for this review, I know it. I was recommended this book multiple times, so put it on hold at the library. A few weeks later I saw a trailer for it at the movie theater, and was super excited! A few weeks after that, it came in for me at the library and I was able to check it out. All I have to say is that there is No possible way that the movie could be any worse than the book! I LOVE reading and have always believed the book had to be better than the movie, until now. I have yet to see the movie, but the book was incredibly boring. The first 40-50 pages were wonderful, I was thrown into the story and cried and mourned and was completely fascinated! (I will give it this: the book was extremely interesting..yet dull. Like a science text book.) After the first part of the book, it rapidly became duller and duller. The plot begged to go somewhere, so I kept reading thinking it would go... but it never did! It was frustrating to read and the ending was "oh how sweet" but it didn't feel like she ever gave the book a decent finish.
Now, I know this book is incredibly popular, this is simply my opinion, I'm not asking you to agree with it. :)

Star Trek...
WELLLL I have always prided myself on being a Star Trek virgin. Never seen an episode or watched a movie or anything! I always thought Star Trek was geeky, and really was proud of myself! On Monday Jacob had me watch this movie with him. It was good, not great. There was some cool action, but it seemed like just another action movie to me, same old same old. Nothing fresh or exciting, but still good.

The blind side is sooo good! A good, heart-warming story that makes you laugh and cry. Definitely an uplifting feel-good movie! Go see it!

Hmmm. I have been debating whether I even wanted to review this one... I think I have decided no. I will say this: It was AMAZING. Amazing graphics, fresh ideas, a bit profound, awesome action, a good story line to go with it, but I cannot in good conscience recommend it to others. I don't want to point it out, in case some of you are going to see it (it wasn't incredibly obvious) and I'm sure some who have seen it have no clue what I'm talking about, whereas others probably know exactly what it is. Anyway if you want more info you can come talk to me about it.


Katrina said...

Interesting reviews of things. I'll have to borrow the first two books if they are that good! I heard the same thing about Lovely Bones...interesting but not all that exciting. We'll see what the movie is like.
I still haven't seen Star Trek, but I have a few "Treky's" in my family who loved it! :)
Haven't seen the Blind side yet either... unfortunately! We've been wanting to..just haven't found the chance to.
And Avatar...I thought it was good and well done. Not exactly my type of movie (went because Ryan wanted to see it) but I liked it better than I thought I would. (and I have a couple ideas of what you may be referencing to, but if it's THAT bad..maybe not... hmmm..) :)
I DID see Princess and the Frog and Did you hear about the Morgans this break. 2 movies that I enjoyed but aren't my favorite. The is clean and dollar theater worthy! (I thought!) I didn't go with high it actually was enjoyable! Full of dry humor...husbands probably wouldn't appreciate it so much! :)

Anyway, good idea for a post! ttyl

Charles and Nancy said...

I just got "Hunger Games" and am very excited to start it!! I wasn't too interested in reading "Lovely Bones". Star Trek was good but I agree nothing special. I did fall asleep part-way through so maybe I don't have the best judgement on that.
And Avatar, I agree it had awesome special effects and was a well done movie. But it wasn't one that I am going to watch again if I have a choice. People keep raving about how it's the best movie they've seen in a while and I just can't agree. I'm not sure if I know exactly what you are referencing but I have some ideas...
Anyway, thanks for the reviews! I loved reading them!

Rachel said...

I agree with you on every review! How crazy is that? You have some good taste. I LOVED the Hunger Games and can't wait until the third book comes out!

Also, I thought Lovely Bones was also super boring...I'm pretty sure I never finished it.

I'm with you on Avatar...I wasn't quite sure about it, but David really wanted to go see it, so we did (in the Imax) and it completely blew me away. Really, really good!

Wahoo that we have the same taste....if you ever want to recommend anything--I'm a pretty avid reader, please do. Sounds like we have similar tastes that I can trust it'll be good! I'm always looking for new reads.

Ang said...

We should start a book club blog ...

Stephanie said...

You reminded me that I hadn't read Catching Fire yet, so I called up my sister in law to see if I could borrow it, but instead she bought it for me for my birthday. YAY! (She bough me The Hunger Games last year, so it was quite fitting.) I read it in 1 day. Good book. I am excited for the 3rd, but kind of hesitant, just because it is har to tie up a series. We'll see how she does, eh? PS - I am not seeing Avatar, but am interested in what your concerns are about it.

Sharon said...

Loved the Hunger Games books. Won't even try the bones book. Star Trek was awesome, but you wouldn't get half of the humor if you are not at least a semi trekkie. Blind Side was in my all time Top Ten. Haven't seen Avatar. Need to have you and your hubby over for dinner again.