Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just thought I was due for an update, since it's been awhile (though I don't have any pictures, sorry!) Life has been going well for us, we are excited to go visit my parents this weekend! Fun! We had a GREAT Valentine's celebration on Saturday. Basically we just hung out all day running fun errands, then went hot tubbing (the first time we held hands was on V-day in a hot tub.. awwwwww) then had Costa Vida! yummmmm! Then we went and played games with some good friends of ours! So fun!
Jacob has been super busy with work and school. His classes this semester are Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Physics....blech! Although he is busy he is still really good about making time for Samantha and I too though.
Samantha just keeps growing!! I can't believe how big she is! On Sunday she went to nursery for the first time! Anyone who has been in Sunday School with us knows this is a very good thing. She is still a tiny bit young, but we took her over to see if she would like it and how she would do and talk to the primary president and make sure it was okay. As soon as we opened the door she was struggling and squirming to get down, and when we set her down she ran in yelling "Ball! Ball! Ball!" and chased after a ball. Anyway she did just fine, and she will be returning next time! So exciting! She is also learning how to do cute things- she will initiate kisses and sometimes when she hugs, she'll pat me on the back! She still loves bath time and even the slightest mention of the word sends her running to the bathroom as fast as she can.
I have been trying to train for the Rex Lee Run. Even though I have been working out regularly for over a year now, I am NOT a runner! I hate running, but it's something I really want to learn to love and get into. I want to get over the hump of hating it, and get to that point where I start liking it. Anyway I realized that if I wanted to be able to do the race and do it well, I would have to start working out more than my usual 3 times/ week (Hilary and I switch off watching kiddos every other day). SO to do that I have to get up at 6 every morning so I can be to the gym and back by the time Jacob needs to leave for school. WELL it is getting a lot easier as I do it more, and I am FINALLY getting to bed early enough so it's been good. I feel better throughout the day getting up earlier. Hilary and I have also been working on some fun projects lately, and I've been making hair bows for Sam that I actually really like, so life has been good and we are all pretty darn blessed and happy! :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What have I done?!

Today I registered to do the Rex Lee Run in March. My goal is to run the whole thing, no walking! Some of you probably read this and laugh aloud at how pathetic that sounds. BUT for me, it is a big deal! The most I have ever run at a time is about 1 1/2- 2 miles-ish. I am NOT a runner by any means, but it's something I really want to do, so I am going to do it. So instead of snickering, I request your prayers. No joke.
By the end of the summer I am hoping to be able to do a half marathon, but we'll see. Anyway I gotta start somewhere, so I'm starting small.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Lately she has been completely obsesssed with putting headbands and bows in her hair! This is my headband, and her favorite. She puts it on, and if for some reason she can't get it on, she'll kinda squawk at me until I do it for her, then she runs into the bathroom and has me lift her up so she can look at herself in the mirror! She also loves trying on clothes.. she is such a girl!

The mohawk keeps getting longer!

Samantha with her buddy Lincoln :) And yeah, the house is messy, but that's what happens when you have 2 kids playing!
Jacob got a helicopter for his birthday and Samantha looves it.

Samantha is now almost 16 months old and a ton of fun! I can't believe how much more active and crazy she is now, than she was at 1 year! Everything she was at 12 months is now amplified! She is busier, waaaaaaay messier (Seriously guys, you think your 1 year old is messy? just wait.), more talkative, louder, goofier, and more dramatic. She has about a 30ish word vocabulary. Her newest words are 'fish' and 'bath'. Her current favorite word is 'wow' she walks around and she'll gasp loudly and say "WOOOW!" or "oh, WOW!" and she does it over EVERYTHING- a button on the tv, a book, a toy, her sippy cup. She is such a funny little girl! She loves to go outside, and go upstairs to see Lincoln. All I have to do is say "wanna go outside/see Lincoln?" and she'll grab her coat and run to the door. so cute :) She loves yogurt and gives an appreciate "mmmmmmmm" when she eats something she likes. This last week her babbling that I thought sounded sophisticated before has really expanded. She now makes basically all the sounds as she is babbling, and it isn't really repetitive anymore. She also loves to moo like a cow, grunt like a pig, buzz like a bee, and quack (or try to quack) like a duck.

These pictures are my favorite! Here she is "talking" and "texting" I love how her legs are all crossed, and she's just hanging out chatting on the phone!


A couple weekends ago we finally had enough snow to go sledding! (what's the deal anyway? It's freezing, but hardly any snow!) so we went up to rock canyon park! Fun!

our footprints.. how precious, right?

just having fun!

Yeah, she wasn't at all happy to go home! This is her tantrum on the way home. I know, I'm mean, instead of consoling, I snap a picture.

Still fascinated with the snow!