Thursday, February 4, 2010


Lately she has been completely obsesssed with putting headbands and bows in her hair! This is my headband, and her favorite. She puts it on, and if for some reason she can't get it on, she'll kinda squawk at me until I do it for her, then she runs into the bathroom and has me lift her up so she can look at herself in the mirror! She also loves trying on clothes.. she is such a girl!

The mohawk keeps getting longer!

Samantha with her buddy Lincoln :) And yeah, the house is messy, but that's what happens when you have 2 kids playing!
Jacob got a helicopter for his birthday and Samantha looves it.

Samantha is now almost 16 months old and a ton of fun! I can't believe how much more active and crazy she is now, than she was at 1 year! Everything she was at 12 months is now amplified! She is busier, waaaaaaay messier (Seriously guys, you think your 1 year old is messy? just wait.), more talkative, louder, goofier, and more dramatic. She has about a 30ish word vocabulary. Her newest words are 'fish' and 'bath'. Her current favorite word is 'wow' she walks around and she'll gasp loudly and say "WOOOW!" or "oh, WOW!" and she does it over EVERYTHING- a button on the tv, a book, a toy, her sippy cup. She is such a funny little girl! She loves to go outside, and go upstairs to see Lincoln. All I have to do is say "wanna go outside/see Lincoln?" and she'll grab her coat and run to the door. so cute :) She loves yogurt and gives an appreciate "mmmmmmmm" when she eats something she likes. This last week her babbling that I thought sounded sophisticated before has really expanded. She now makes basically all the sounds as she is babbling, and it isn't really repetitive anymore. She also loves to moo like a cow, grunt like a pig, buzz like a bee, and quack (or try to quack) like a duck.

These pictures are my favorite! Here she is "talking" and "texting" I love how her legs are all crossed, and she's just hanging out chatting on the phone!


Charles and Nancy said...

I love her mowhawk! It makes me laugh! That's so cool that she can say so many things! Don't you love that she can communicate more with you now? It makes life so much easier because they don't get frustrated when they want something. She is a little cutie!

Sara Suman said...

She's so old!! I can't believe how much she has grown up since we saw you guys last. Yeah for nursery soon!!

Briana said...

I love the talking and texting pictures. Those are so cute :)

Stephanie said...

What a goof. She is adorable.

The HDTD Family said...

I love the picture with Linc and her! Thanks for posting it, so I could see the pic! I love the pictures of her in the bath tub! Oh and thanks for the Idea with the feet in the snow I really that it was very creative of you!

Katrina said...

What a funny girl! Seems like forever since we last saw you guys! (sorry...been a little busy on our end for a while) :)

Can't believe how long her hair is! (bathtub!) :) And Kamryn has been WAY into putting stuff in her hair lately too! It's so fun and cute!

Can't wait to hear all the words Sammie is saying now! Kamryn is going slow still...but definitely jabbers in her own language more and more each day! SOMETIME English will kick in! :) lol