Thursday, March 25, 2010

How clean is YOUR shower?!

We live in an old apartment. There has always been a nice build up of soap scum in the shower-- my guess is that its literally DECADES old. I have tried different things on it.. Cleaners that claim to get rid of it, other bathroom cleaners, some all purpose cleaners, bleach.... Nothing worked so I have just kind of lived with it. This evening I was at Wal Mart and went over to pick up a package of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and saw this:

I decided it would be worth at least trying... I could always return it later if it didn't work. IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!! It really worked!! It did require some elbow grease, but that would be expected when there are decades of soap scum on your shower wall. It only took me a few minutes to discover something about our shower that I didn't know before...
The tile is white! NOT cream like I previously thought. O.M.GOSH. disgusting. Anyway 2 hours, an entire magic eraser, a finger rubbed completely raw, and a sore arm later our bathroom is now GLEAMING a beautiful beautiful white. I will no longer cringe when I get in the shower! As I was thinking (2 hours is a long time to have a LOT go through your mind) I came to the conclusion that I might very well be the only person to ever live here that has spent 2 hours just cleaning the tile in the shower. Kinda gross when you consider these apartments are pretty old!
Anyway I very happily have a lovely WHITE (who knew?!) shower!
OH and want to know the best part?? NO fumes! It just had this very light scent that kinda smelled like a fresh smelling man.. very nice! So no headache-- I think a pregnant lady could even safely use it! (If you are pregnant, don't take my word though!)

As a side note: These apartments are really great and as far as cleanliness goes that is really the only thing that has bothered me and we really do love it here :)


Stephanie said...

You have NO idea how absolutely ridiculously happy I am about this discovery. I am heading out to buy some TONIGHT! I am so stoked! Our basement bathroom has these nasty white tiles on the floor and covering the shower walls. Gross. I am so excited though, because now I can clean them and than re-grout them and than put that awesome sealant stuff on them. YES! Greatest news EVER!

Danelle and Alex said...

I want to try that! But i'm confused is the magic scrub thing or febreez?

Katrina said...

Glad you found something!! :) I was looking for that kind of thing in our very first apartment (basement)...there were just some nasty nasty marks all over the shower that I never did get off!

I'll have to keep this in mind for if we ever have to live in a slightly grungy or old apartment again! :)