Friday, March 26, 2010


My parents are coming into town tonight! I'm super excited :)

ALSO I would like to add that Anita Stansfield books frustrate me to no end... Good books, except that she spends about 50 pages of each book having the characters crying everywhere. Dumb.

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Katrina said...

Have fun with the family! I'm excited for you!

Charles and Nancy said...

Cool! Have fun with your family. Oh, and I agree with you on the books.

Scott and Heather said...

Wait do you not live in Rexburg anymore? So, question. I saw a picture of the three of you hiking and I got really excited. My husband and I are huge outdoors people and want to start hiking with Lincoln, but we are a little unsure on child carriers. I found some supposedly nice ones for like 150. Also, where do you guys go hiking and what can babies handle? We really only hiked like "R" mountain and several trails up Kelly canyon. We don't know too many people who hike with babies (actually I don't know any) so I would love some info. Thanks super!