Monday, March 22, 2010

New Career Path!

Wellllll Jacob was pre-med, working on getting into Podiatry school. They are predicting with the new health care bill that health care professionals will eventually be at about a 1/3 pay cut. The average Podiatrist salary is 130,000 a year! Not bad! Cut down to 80-85,000 still isn't bad. What IS bad is graduating with over $200,000 in student loans and trying to pay that off... It's not really looking feasible, so we are officially OFF that path. We ARE incredibly grateful that he hadn't already started med school. We may look into a different higher paying branch of health care. We'll see. We are considering a few different options which are actually really exciting to us, so it isn't all bad :) Just weird to no longer be headed that direction!


Rebecca & Jeff said...

WOW!! Way to have such a good attitude about this. I dont think I would feel the same way if we were in the same boat so props to you. Good luck on deciding what to do now!

Katrina said...

Sounds like you have a good idea and plan from talking earlier! Let us know what you decide! :) And we are totally for this weekend if you guys are up for it. Let me know! :) (or we can always do something later!) :) Even with a newborn...just lots of hand sanitizer around of course! :) haha

Lacey.costner said...

I didn't realize this whole time that you had a blog!!! well, I totally get the stress of it! I mean all that debt and on average it takes about 7 years to pay it off and start to make money. I feel blessed that Ryan didn't get in to Dental school now. Although, it is frustrating not knowing what to do next. Good luck and I hope you find something better!