Saturday, March 20, 2010


WELL I know it was last Saturday when I ran, but better late than never to post about it right?
There isn't a whole lot to say.. I met my expectations and was pretty proud of myself :) My purpose of it was to try to enjoy running, which certainly did NOT happen, haha! Although, I no longer hate running. I kinda tolerate it now I guess you could say. It's still one of my last exercise choices. Oh well :) Anyway it was fun and I'm thinking about doing another one on May 1... Just need to find a shin splint cure first! (Seriously, it was a week ago and I STILL have shin splints) Here are some pics!
This is afterwards.. no pictures of me crossing the finish line... Jacob didn't make it back in time! :) oh well

Briana ran it too and did AWESOME! This is us after we'd both finished!

Also, look how sickly pale I am! Anyone have any tips on how to be pale with dark hair and gorgeous like Anne Hathaway??


Katrina said...

Glad you posted about it!! It's a BIG DEAL!! Glad that you made it and didn't it feel good to accomplish it?! (even if you still dislike running!) :) haha

Call me sometime this week and we'll play again ?! :)

Charles and Nancy said...

Great Job!! I'm glad you did it! I hope you find a way of curing your shin splints, they are no fun!

Lance & M'Lisa Denning said...

You are awesome! I am proud of you!