Tuesday, April 20, 2010

18 months!

Today Samantha is officially 18 months old! :) She had her 18-month checkup and here are her stats (I don't think I've posted stats since she was 6 months!)

Weight: 22 lbs. 1 oz- 18%
Height : 32.5 inches- 76%
Head: 19 inches- 91%

Doc said I should try to get her to eat a little more (see mom!!!! told ya) She also had a SLIGHT fever of 100.2, so they wouldn't give her her shots :( we have to go back sometime next week for those. ohhh well.
Samantha is a pleasure to have around and is such a fun little girl! Lately she has been obsessed with her babies (dollies) she carries them around, kisses them, hugs them, sits them on the couch and tucks them in, pushes them around in her stroller, brushes their hair, tries to give them baths (succeeded once and made a HUGE mess), mixes them up fake bowls of food and feeds them. It really is adorable :) She has a nice sized vocabulary. Jacob and I tried to count today how many words she can say and came up with nearly 40, but there might be more we aren't thinking of. She is a total goofball and we love her so much!

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Rebecca & Jeff said...

Wow! That seriously went so fast! I still remember when you were pregnant! She really is such a great little girl, hard not to love her! You are such a great mom! p.s. I'm so glad Parker weighs more than her and has a bigger head then her . . . my short little tank!

Katrina said...

40 words!!! Wow! :) Good for her! :) She is a tall skinny little thing! :) Sorry she had a slight fever. Has she been sick? Teething?

Can't wait to play again! :)