Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bucks 4 Books

Bucks 4 Books is one of those places that advertises getting more back for your books than the bookstore offers. Jacob found out he could get $101 back for just his O-Chem stuff from the BYU bookstore, but decided to check out Bucks 4 Books to see what they would give him.... How much, you ask? $18 No joke. How lame is that?!!? Not even 1/5 of what BYU offers. Just thought I'd let everyone know so you don't waste your time!

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Katrina said...

haha...that's kinda funny! Sorta pathetic! Well, at least you know now! :) (I'm actually surprised though...usually the bookstore is ripping people off right and left!) :)

Sharon said...

Just read your blog about needing a babysitter. Too bad it's too late. If you ever want to go out, just drop off Samantha at our house. I really mean it. And Cara is the best babysitter ever.